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General Information & Tips

How to read a schedule

Reading a timetable is simple once you know how.

Remember -- Weekday and Saturday time schedules on some routes are different and may not run on Saturday

How to Catch the Bus

Be sure to read the destination sign on the bus as it approaches. Some bus stops serve many routes. That means a bus may come by that is not going where you want to go. Be sure you're getting on the right bus by looking for the route number on the destination sign above the front window of the bus. Do not try to catch a bus if the destination sign reads, "Garage" or "Out of Service."

Boarding and payment

You must sit if there is a seat available. If there are no seats you must stand behind the yellow line. In no case will any person be allowed forward of the yellow line until the bus comes to a complete stop.

Exiting the bus

At street bus stops do not cross in front of the bus. Wait for the bus to pull away and cross behind it.

What you need to know about transferring

If you purchase an 'unlimited ride' type of pass you will not need a transfer.

Tips for carefree riding

Title VI complaints

Riding the bus is a privilege, please do not abuse it by behaving in a way that offends other customers or affects the safe operation of the bus.